The Health Ranger explains the origins of EVIL, why collectivism contradicts health freedom, and the simple answer to all politics

Wednesday, September 27, 2017 by

Chiming in on the most relevant philosophical issues of our day, I’ve recently posted three podcasts that are well worth a listen. Departing from current events, each of these philosophical podcasts covers a crucial sector of understanding for free-minded people who wish to prosper in a dangerous world (where your freedoms are under constant assault).

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Where does EVIL really come from?

This podcasts reveals the root cause of evil in our world and how it all has a single, common source. Listen to this fascinating podcast to hear the full explanation about consciousness, the “disconnect” and the root of all evil.

The unified answer to ALL politics

If you’re fed up with Republicans and Democrats, you need to listen to this podcast because it reveals the unified solution to all politics. The answer is simpler than you think, and it starts with the letter “L.”

Why collectivism / progressivism contradicts health freedom and food freedom

Those who believe in collectivism are, by definition, opponents of health freedom and food freedom. Only through the universal recognition of the individual ownership of your own body and mind can society achieve lasting freedom for medical choice and food freedom. This podcast explains why:






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